Hey, my name is Sarah…which means a princess.. I believe every name describes its owner..So I love mine..


I love reading poems and literature parts ..

I love expressing and writing my thoughts and feelings..

I love reading in Psychology..

I love movies and programs directing..

I believe artsitic people are special ones and lucky ones too..

I like sharing ideas and opinions..

I love to have a special opinion and to fight for publishing it.. Not just going with the flow..

I love social life.. I love people..

I love my family..

I love my friends..

I love my Lord.. and I love everything he gave me.. I just thank him for everything and i trust he cares about my future that I’m very curious about it..

I really like adventures and get excited from doing unusual things..

I always have many dreams of my coming life..


I believe in positive thinking..


I wish I’ll make a difference in people’s lives even it was small..


That’s why I am here, writing all of the above stuff..


That’s me !!

Sarah Andrawes


6 Responses to “About”

  1. hi!
    i know you don’t know me from anywhere, but i’ve stumbled upon your page just now and read some of your entries, and i just thought that it would be a right thing to tell you this: it’s great that you post those little quotations here. they’re truly inspiring (even if a bit sappy at times, but it’s not a bad thing at all) and nice. i just want to wish you to have a good life and keep sticking to your beliefs and principals. i believe you’re a great person and people around you should be greatful for having a chance to be graced by your presence in their life. be happy!

  2. Thanks a lot for those nice words.. That was a great encouragement dose ..
    I think you only checked the Quotes category, those are the quotes that i like that are said by different people, sites or places.
    but you can also check the other categories that are published ages ago, they are fresh and no one has published them before, because they are written by me

    Hope you enjoy the blog and Thanks again for your words.

    Have a Nice Bright day and Stay Positive 😉

    • yep, now i see i really did just check out one category. i’m new to this wordpress platform, that gives. 🙂 hope you won’t mind me adding your blog to that “follow” list, too

      have a nice day yourself!

  3. Of course I won’t mind adding it to your follow list, It is my pleasure.


    IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    I ❤ it!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ohh.. Thank you for those words 🙂
    I recommend you to read the Writings and to see the videos.. they are even better than the quotes

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